Le Sauvignon

Sauvignon is one of the 58 grape varieties that make IGP Pays d’Oc so varied and exciting. The official quality endorsement is featured on the bottles.


The aromas I conjure up

Here, the weather is drier and hotter than in my native Bordeaux but the sunshine and holiday spirit have a very positive effect on me and underscore my citrus flavours of lemon and pomelo, and my vegetal aromas of boxwood and jasmine.

My favourite occasions

My exuberance and freshness make me a firm favourite for the aperitif. But I also immediately spring to mind when seafood and fish are brought to the dinner table!

The dishes I prefer

My aromas make the perfect match for the tangy flavours of lemongrass, fresh coriander and basil, all of them staples of Asian dishes and used by many contemporary chefs. If you then add my absolute love of seafood and raw fish, I’m sure your head is already awash with ideas!

My little secret…

When I’m picked late on in the season and my fruit is bordering on overripe, I can be kept using special techniques to make outstanding white dessert wines.

My favourite dish

Mediterranean sea bass ceviche

Cut the fish fillets into small cubes and place them in a salad bowl.

Seed and dice the bellpepper and chilli pepper. Sprinkle them over the fish cubes.

Add the chopped onion and pour over the juice of 3 lemons.

Mix and cover the salad bowl and put it in the fridge for 4 hours. Stir the fish pieces from time to time.

When the marinade is done, the fish flesh should have become translucent: it cooks in the lemon juice.

Chop the coriander leaves and sprinkle them over the top just before serving.

Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with a delicious glass of Sauvignon IGP Pays d’Oc.

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