Le Chardonnay

Chardonnay is one of the 58 grape varieties that make IGP Pays d’Oc so varied and exciting. The official quality endorsement is featured on the bottles.


The aromas I conjure up

Let’s not mince our words here – I am a star! Everyone is familiar with me and I am drunk worldwide. But I admit, I do have a soft spot for Pays d’Oc where I develop my fruity edge of pear, peach, almond and hazelnut.

My favourite occasions

The aperitif – what else?! My golden hue is always a showstopper and I have a knack of being a genuine crowd-pleaser. I also like to relax al fresco with the girls when the days get longer and balmy

The dishes I prefer

I am the perfect match for every type of fish, shellfish and seafood so it goes without saying that in Pays d’Oc the choice is endless! In fact, I’m so versatile that I can be enjoyed from the starter through to dessert.

My little secret…

I am named after a small village near Mâcon which itself is named after the myriad thistles that grow there. Definitely a prickly issue!

My favourite dish

Cevennes goat’s cheese salad with a honey dressing

Rub 4 slices of farmhouse bread with one garlic clove then cut the Cevennes goat’s cheeses or pelardons in two width-ways.

Put them on a baking sheet for 15 minutes on greaseproof paper then douse them in olive oil and basil.

In the meantime, arrange the lettuce leaves on each plate then cut the tomatoes in half and cut each half into thin slices.

Cook the lardons as you like them then dot them over the lettuce.

Serve with Cevennes honey salad dressing.