Pays d'OC IGP

Pays d'Oc IGP, certified qualities

Pays d'Oc IGP* is an umbrella brand and an official quality certification label. It is also a unifying label, signifying quality, authenticity and imagination. The certification label has been adopted by 2700 vineyards and businesses. It ensures origin and is earned by satisfying strict quality criteria throughout the supply chain from the vine to the bottle.
* Pays d'Oc IGP or PGI = Protected Geographical Indication (may be mentioned on labels as Indication Géographique Protégée)

In effect since 1st August 2009, the European OCM reform (Organisation Commune des Marchés) has redefined the European wine segmentation.

  • Vins de pays have become IGP wines - Indication Géographique Protégée or PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, in English
  • Table wines have become wines without Geographical Indication

Thanks to this change, Pays d’Oc IGP wines are finally recognised for the quality conferred by their origin and the meticulous work of the winemakers.

They now answer to the INAO (National Quality and Origin Institute) along with the AOP's (Protected Designation of Origin) – formerly AOC.

Pays d’Oc IGP - what does that guarantee? 

  • A savoir-faire intimately linked to its region
  • Consistent quality
  • Aromatic typicity
  • Rigorous quality controls
  • Certified by “Bureau Véritas Quality France” 


100% of the certified wines are tasted !

Pays d’Oc IGP :certified quality

More than a Protected Geographical Indication – certified quality. The Pays d'Oc IGP wines consumed and appreciated for their qualities are Pays d’Oc IGP wines before being varietal wines.

They are not simply Merlots, Chardonnays or Syrahs. They are quality wines whose origins and alimentary safety are guaranteed through Bureau Veritas Quality France certification.
This certification is attributed to wines that meet strict production quality criteria. The wine must also display typical Pays d’Oc characteristics and is controlled throughout the entire production process (from grape to bottle).

Pays d'Oc IGP certification guarantees consumers:

  • Rigourous and controlled quality,
  • Consistency in flavour,
  • Typical of Pays d'Oc IGP characteristics
  • Traceability

Pays d'Oc IGP certification criteria are strict and guarantee the following:

  • Strict analytic criteria
  • Organoleptic criteria guaranteeing the grape variety’s typicity
  • Production and origin criteria. Only the wines produced in the Languedoc-Roussillon may declare Pays d’Oc's Protected Geographical Indication.

Pays d’Oc IGP: controlled quality

Pays d’Oc IGP Certification

Pays d’Oc IGP wines are subjected to internal and external controls. The operators (from the grape seller to the bottler) are approved by both the Pays d’Oc Wine Producers Union and Bureau Véritas Quality France.
To acquire certification, they must respect fixed specifications and comply with the Quality Control Plan.

Quality controls are carried out through:

  • Auto quality controls by approved operators
  • Internal quality controls by the Pays d’Oc Wine Producers Union
  • External quality controls by Bureau Véritas Quality France

There are 2 levels of quality controls:

  • Level 1: Document inspection - an identity sheet for each wine, COFRAC analysis results and approval by INAO (National Quality and Origin Institute)
  • Level 2: product controls - systematic tasting of each vat   

Post-production quality control: a mission for Inter Oc, the Pays d’Oc IGP Interprofessional Organisation

Pays d'Oc IGP wines are also subjected to post-production quality control (Suivi Aval Qualité or SAQ) in line with the specifications plan.

Random samples are taken from different retail networks in France and overseas.

They are tasted by a tasting committee. Any wines showing anomalies are further analysed to define the origin of the detected problem.
In most cases, the anomalies are caused by unsuitable transport or storage.